Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Merchanters And Stationers Starships

I've spent the last two days creating ships for Merchanters And Stationers, my Cherryh-verse love letter. They range from a tiny 30 ton cutter to a 50,000 ton Great Merchanter (like Cherryh's Finity's End or Dublin Again) and a carrier of the same size (like her Norway or Africa).

The disparity is size of the ships is remarkable. The smallest jump-capable ship is 300 tons, which is almost 200 times smaller than the largest. Compact Space ships are smaller than those in Union/Allinace Space, and I will need to mention that in the text.

I've decided not to put a ship creation section in the supplement, probably going to release it as a spreadsheet later on. Here's a look at one of the ships:

1500 Ton Medium Merchanter

This ship has 1 G of thrust in space on mains and standard jump vanes. This is a popular jump-capable ship. Its tank holds 135 tons of deuterium fuel, for 200 hours of thrust. Twelve cabins and a large lounge are available for the 5-15 person crew, as well as passengers for long flights, and the ship can hold 1000 tons of cargo.

Cost: 290

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