Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Merchanters And Stationers - Take #4

Worked on the M&S Alien Generation section last night. I left Klaxon with the instructions and the components, and left him to craft an alien species. When I returned, he had created an amazing species - a small, foppish aboreal creature with plumes for feathers - or feather-like hair, he left that undecided - which had a multiplicity of cults and religions, and who was altogether too trusting. I'll post it up later.

Klax has experience with the Alien Generator from StarCluster 3, and asked him how they compare. He said the generator in SC3 was great at making physical details, but this one was fa better at integrating the physical with the cultural aspects. He felt he was creating sapients, not animals.

The more I have used this tool, the better I like it! It will probably be the default alien creation tool for StarCluster 4. :D

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