Thursday, June 9, 2016


Last night, the Wednesday Conclave assembled to decide what game we were going to play. A variety of my games were discussed, but as a consensus, the players decided on playing Klaxon's Look! Up In The Sky! supers game as a space game, a la Guardians of the Galaxy/Legion of Super Heroes. This is the first time I've ever had a consensus pick! Usually we actually vote, with a weighted vote so that the winner usually ends up being the least divisive option.

They created their association, the Meta Human Branch of the InterGalactic Police, bought a couple of spaceships, a share of the IGP space station, medical facilities, various information databases, a PR man and a lawyer. They didn't spend their budget, so leaving some for spur of the moment purchases,

Some of you - of the half dozen who are actually going to read this :D - may remember I am also running L!UITS! in my Saturday, face to face game. In that one we are running it with Klax's edits making it compatible with StarCluster 4, where this Wednesday night game over IRC will use the StarCluster 3 compatible version. Why? Because the conversion is in notes written out in longhand, and lines through items on old printed tables, and none of it is integrated. The older version is in a clean and orderly pdf I can send everyone electronically.

Anyway, this should be fun! They want me to use a Manga/Anime playstyle, which I have never used, not being a big fan of the genre, so I asked Klax to help keep me on track, and send me a note if I get too far away from that playstyle. :D

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