Sunday, June 26, 2016


I've been wicked busy lately. I've been firming StarCluster 4 Zero Stage up both from Beta tester comments and from internal (Klax, Albert, and I) ideas. It is at 116 pages now, and probably won't grow much at all. There's a two page intro, then everything up to page 52 is character stuff. There are two pages of system stuff, and them it's all setting from page 53 on. Almost everything up to page 52 is one page per concept, like an infographic. Most of the setting, too, it one page per world, though more text oriented. Pages 53 to 71 are the only standard text type presentation.

Klax has changed the underlying system for his Look! Up In The Sky! supers game from StarCluster 3 to StarCluster 4, as it really simplifies a lot of things! This necessitated a complete rewrite of the game by Klax, which meant a complete new editing pass for me. I like editing. It's very different from writing, but interesting in it's own way. LUITS! is much larger than StarCluster 4 Zero Stage. It's almost 200 pages. I have run at least a dozen separate campaigns with LUITS! - in fact I'm currently running two weekly - so it's extremely well play tested. Now it needs to get out to Beta testers!

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