Saturday, July 30, 2016

Announcing StarCluster 4 - Zero Stage, SC 4 - Cold Space, and SC4 - The Necklace

Announcing the release of StarCluster 4 - Zero Stage at Rpgnow/Drivethru Rpg. This is the first new StarCluster 4 game release. Zero Stage is a SF game set in a ten star system network of stars owned by the Jeshen, in which humans are welcomed refugees.

Also we are releasing a new version of the venerable Cold Space RPG, StarCluster 4 - Cold Space. This is an update of the original Cold Space game released back in 2005, using the new StarCluster 4 ruleset - vastly simplified and re-laid out.

If you bought the original Cold Space from RPGNow/DTRPG, you should have been notified of this update as a free download. Please download it! It should be a much more pleasing experience!

We are also releasing a new version of The Necklace RPG - StarCluster 4 - The Necklace. This is an update of last year's SF RPG The Necklace, using the new StarCluster 4 system to replace the original StarCluster 3 system.

If you have already bought The Necklace in it's old form from RPGNow/DTRPG, this should be a free upgrade - just download it.



  1. Hi Clash - sorry if I missed this, but are you going to release a general SC4 corebook with all the design tools we had in SC3? One that would allow purchasers to build their own settings? No criticism implied or intended of the existing SC4 settings of course! Cheers, Marchand

  2. Not quite, Marchand! The intention is to release focused games - as in these - but also release tools separately. StarCluster 4 Free has a developer's license with it, and after SC 4 - Dark Orbital is released later this month, I will be working on those tools do people can make the most of that license!