Tuesday, July 19, 2016

from StarCluster 4 - Dark Orbital: Cosmetic Implants

These implants have no game effect, and the characters can just have them if they want them. There are other implants that have actual game stats and such, but these are just free. Here are a couple examples: AR Game Implant "Mu" This implant consists of a brain interface unit and direct optic connect package. It is for a popular Augmented Reality game called “Mu”. Mu is a conspiracy game, and uses mundane locations and actions as in-game locations and actions. Points are awarded for strange activities, and odd, creepy, and disturbing tasks are given. Rumor is it is all actually real, and that there is some end game that all this actually is supporting. Theme Music This implant plays theme music for you, which changes when you do different activities - the music for walking is different from the music for tense situations, which is different from resting music. The music never stops. You choose the themes from among millions of free public domain songs, or pay for current songs.

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