Thursday, June 15, 2017

StarCluster 4 Magazine 3

I have been quiet lately - not having a game in the works, I am not popping design things up here! But I am working on a third StarCluster 4 Magazine. These magazines are made up of essays based on things that come up in settings, where we can examine the subject in detail.

The subject of this magazine is Time and Money, so the essays and stories all deal with wither time, money, or both. So far we have essays on:

*Time Reckoning in the Cluster* - (ESSAY) How do you keep time on worlds with different rotations, different year lengths, tidally locked, and how did it get that way?

*Starship Economics* - (ESSAY) How do you make money in space? What is worth shipping between solar systems? What does handmade lace cost on different worlds? How do messages get transported? Simple, easy to understand, basic rules!

*StarCluster - The Voyage Out* - (ESSAY) What happened on the voyage here during the hundreds of years it took to get to the cluster?.What was it like before FTL was available and humanity was scattered and alone? How did humanity and cultures change?

*Time Away* (STORY) A couple decide to take a tour of their solar system in Jeshen Space, going to each of the inhabited worlds in turn. How do they get from world to world? Why do liners run run between some worlds and not others? And what about Naomi?

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