Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recent Gaming

Had a wonderful time running my Sabre & World games Saturday! The PCs were total badasses and - with preparation and luck - took a flying ship away from some 30 bandits. They prepared a trap, and kicked major ass.

My Sunday game had the Science council that runs the exploration mission in full spate! Four habitable moons had been discovered around a close-in gas giant. All supported life already, but none were ideal. The other moons were also interesting for other reasons. The expedition had not expected there to be more than one, maybe two habitable worlds, and only carried 21 ground-landing probes and 3 water-landing probes. All the PCs present were on the council, and one was its new president. Wonderful academic political wrangling went on throughout the whole session! What a joy! Who got what probes, and where did we send them? Did we allow shuttles to land because of the shortage of probes? Who would be landing? It was one none stop argument!

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