Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last weekend, we were playing our Aces and Angels WWII campaign instead of our usual OHMAS game because of absences. The Squadron Commander (a PC) told the flight that they were in for a few days leave in a place called Guadalcanal. The guys flew out to the island and were surprised to see a brand new field hacked out of the jungle, with fuel tanks, burned out hulks of planes, and nothing much else.

The Marines informed them they'd been had, and the pilots were appalled to hear about the daily sniper attacks and the nightly bombing by Washing Machine Charlie and shelling by a Jap cruiser from Ironbottom Sound.

One of the PCs (played by my wife, 52) looked out over the Sound, and asked about mines. When informed that there were no mines and that no one knew how to set them if there were, he replied "We could use some frogmen!" At this, another player (James, 21) looked at my wife with the most puzzled expression on his face and said: "Battletoads???"

I about died laughing!



  1. Bwahaha. Boy do the age differences show..:D
    I'm surprised your wife knew about Frogmen. Then again she's married to you, it must be osmosis!

  2. Ah, my wife is a huge SEALs fan! She reads everything she can get her hands on about SEALs, and they originated as frogmen. :D