Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tinderbox Station

Randomly rolled up for a thread on RPGnet, from In Harm's Way:StarCluster:


World Description: Space Station/Habitat (This was a given.)

Cultural Technology Level: 10 (The highest)

Settlement Status: Independent State

Population: 100s of millions

Type: Humans and Aliens (Kiskit)

Cultural Traits: Hot Tempered 3, Argumentative 2, Arrogant 2

World Traits: Crowded 2, Gaudy 2, Spicy1, Rich 2

Political Traits: Ineffectual 3, Honest 2, Comic-Operatic 2

Tinderbox is the only inhabited "world" in the system of the same name. It orbits the dim red dwarf closely. There is a rich asteroid belt just outside, and a frozen water world farther out, from which raw materials are mined, but no substantial population lives outside Tinderbox itself.

Tinderbox is an enormous rambling structure, ostentatious and glittering. It is settled by a mixture of Kiskits and Humans in about equal number. The technology level is very high, and as the only source for antimatter and fusion gasses on this section of a rich trade route, Tinderbox has wealth to spare.

Tinderbox belongs to no supra-system organization, being independent and unaligned. The government is regarded as a joke by most citizens. Though government functionaries try their best, they are routinely scammed, avoided, beaten up, laughed at, and ridiculed. They are able to collect so few taxes that they stumble along on a mostly voluntary basis.

Private enterprise is a powerhouse. Most anything imaginable is available if you have the wealth. Even the poorer Humans and Kiskits of Tinderbox are comparatively wealthy compared to most places, and know it. They are arrogant, and love to duel. One had best be polite to a Tinderboxer!



  1. Very cool. I look forward to seeing this in print (Starcluster:IHW..:D)

  2. It's coming along fast, Tim! I've had a lot of feedback from the beta playtest already! :D