Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Last We Heard From Our intrepid Heroes....

My notes establishing the end situation in my group's last OHMAS session, so we can pick things right up after Christmas:

1: There is a huge pocket on the bottom floor of the bell tower at Cambridge, being held stretched open by Franklin, a Ghost-cloathed-in-flesh familiar of the Warlock Edgar. The pocket is full of both charred and living earwigs.

2: There is a Salamader of unusual power sizzling in the pocket, frying and eating earwigs.

3: The Warlock Gwylliam and the Magus Rev. William are covered in live and dead earwigs, having just scrambled out of the pocket.

4: The Human Changeling Whit is in the form of a tabby cat, who is hunting and eating said earwigs.

5: Rev. William has a earwig which has eaten into his brain, and which is sometimes controlling what he does - each time he does anything he rolls a die. Even, he acts as himself, odd, he acts as an insect would.

6: Gwylliam is holding a glowing pin in his teeth. On the end of the pin is an Anchored Will-o-the-Whisp.

7: The Warlock Edgar is waving a torch at the earwigs, keeping them away from the entry.

8: The Savant Isabelle is near her husband Whit, trying to avoid the horrifying earwigs. It was she who opened the pocket, saving Gwylliam and William from certain death as they fell from far up the bell tower, both having fallen when Insect-William tried to eat his way into Gwylliam's brain. Luckily the proto-matter of the pocket is soft and rubbery.

9: Gwyilliam's familiar, the Sylph Melissa, is currently discorporated, and in the form of a swirling wind in the center of the bell tower.

This is the chaos I call home. You wouldn't believe what happened to lead to this...


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