Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ToI Managers

Managers are the people who decide lineups, call special plays, shift players aropund, substitute ballplayers for other ballplayers, and the like. Managers come as Boy Genius, Veteran, and Crusty Coot varieties, with 8, 12, and 16 non-baseball skill ranks to allot respectively.

Management styles come in several varieties as well - the Tactician - with a Tactics of at least +4, the People Person - with a Leadership of at least +4, the Drill Sergeant - with an Intimidation of at least +4, The Mastermind - with a Psych of at least +4, and the Accountant - with a Business of at least +4.
Thus a manager could be a Boy Genius Tactician, or a Crusty Coot People Person, or a Veteran Mastermind, or any other combination.


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