Wednesday, March 21, 2012

L!UITS! Character

As promised, a L!UITS! Character from our game:

Super Identity: Blue Demon
Secret Identity: Lilith duMons

Background: Jock - Athletics+3, Brawl+2, Overdo+1

Motivation: Justice
Anti-motivation: Privilege
Vulnerability: Love
Traits: Intense, Just, Warm
Edges: None


STR: 4
COOR: 13
AGY: 8
END: 8
CHAR: 13
INT: 10
Lifestyle 4 - Lower Middle Class
Points: 400


Tank Path = 85 pts
Toughness X 15 (Multiply * (STR+COOR+AGY+END) = Constitution - i.e. HP) normal is X 5
Ablative Armor @ +200 Constitution
Damage Reduction = 20

Skill Path = 30 pts
Intensive Training * 3 = Shoot+5, Focus+5, Awareness+3, Athletics+2

Nuke Path = 65 pts
Energy Projection +30 Damage/ Long Range
Super Charisma - 20 Pts Quality per success - normal is 10.

Healer Path = 20
Psyche Heal

Buffer Path = 0

Strange Path = 200
Super Vision
Super Hearing
Super Smell
Super Taste
Super Touch
Stretching to 20 * original length
Disrupt @ -40

Origin Story

Lilith is the daughter of an incubus demon and a mortal, who discovered her powers with maturity. She was offered a chance to join the group by the government and took it. She now only uses her demonic powers in pursuit of justice. All of her powers come from her demonic heritage.

How Powers Work

Energy Projection (Hellfire) uses Shoot
Psyche Heal uses Focus
Stretching uses Athletics
Teleport uses Athletics
Possession uses Focus
Disrupt uses Shoot
Telepathy uses Focus


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