Sunday, March 18, 2012

L!UITS! Second Session

In our Saturday Look! Up In The Sky! game, one of our players was sick, so we had a smaller than normal group. We started out by finishing up Chargen with creating our trainees. The Trainees were kids who have not yet reached their potential, so we created them on the 200 point Cosmic scale rather than the 400 point Unlimited scale. Cosmic level is about the level of Spiderman or Fantastic Four. Still, that's a bunch of teenagers with tremendous power!

There were three trainee PCs - Doctor Danger, a teenage Weird Science geek, whose powers came from Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde like potions; Mister Awesome, a Strange Path fellow who had super Charisma, spoke with and controlled mammals, fast flight, and other odds and ends; and Black Bolt, a super archer with a hero complex. They were on a run with The Visitor, who was a full member/teacher. The Visitor is invulnerable, and immune to most things. He was also, by choice, silent, and preferred to communicate with gestures.

On their training run, they came across a burning apartment building and The Visitor decided this would be a good training subject. The building was burning from the bottom up, so many folk were gathered on the roof. Doctor Danger drank a potion and flew off with Mr. Awesome to haul people off to safety. Black Bolt ran into the burning building up a fire ladder to the second floor. The Visitor, being invulnerable to fire, ran in through the hottest flames, burning its clothes off in the process, and revealing a smooth androgynous body.

The Visitor, Doctor Danger, and Mister Awesome rescued several people each. After rescuing one pretty young lady from her window, Doctor Danger learned she had left a roommate still inside, so he flew up to her window. hooked his feet into the balcony grate, and stretched into the smoke-filled room, walking on his hands through the apartment. He finally found her by touch in the bathroom, fresh out of the shower, unconscious on the floor.

Now Doc's vulnerability is women. He gets tongue-tied, awkward, and stupid around them. He pulled back violently when he touched her skin, then nerved himself up to wrap her in a towel and carry her out, blushing and trembling all the way. Since he had stretched into the apartment, he could not get lost in the black smoke, as he merely had to shrink to get out. Smart lad!

Mr. Awesome was being interviewed by the local TV station. He spoke at length of his heroic forays into the burning building to rescue people - he had chosen the best looking ladies first - And mentioned his companions in passing. He was a born ratings star.

The Visitor had just rescued an old man in a wheelchair, and had returned into the building - the TV cameras catching it with its back to the outside. Clearing out the second floor, he found Black Bolt collapsed on the floor, hunched over something. Picking the kid up, he found a baby underneath. Both were still alive, but overcome by the smoke. He found the mother dead in a nearby apartment, and took all three out to the waiting firemen and paramedics.

They returned to the HQ afterward, where The Visitor got a reaming out by Captain Steel, the head of the unit. The Visitor had lost control of the trainees, allowing them to do whatever they wished, with one of the trainees almost killed. "You know he has a hero complex, and you knew he was all offense and no defense! Yet you let him go into that burning building by himself!" The Visitor shrugged.

Afterwards he went into the team's locker room, where he met up with the other members: Enchantrix, a powerful witch; Sarge, a super soldier; and Blue Demon, a beautiful escapee from Hell. Banter ensued, and Blue Demon infuriated Enchantrix with her vamping, especially when she teased poor Doc Danger into sputtering immobility.

Captain Steel called them in to give them their mission. An alliance between a Metahuman splinter group in Allston-Brighton and a terrorist cell was developing. A traffic camera had caught a strange occurance linked to this - a man was walking down Washington Street when he staggered, a briefcase appearing in his hand. He continued walking. Slowed down immensely, the camera showed a blurred figure streaking by the man and popping the briefcase into his hand. They could not see the speedster's face, but they got a good look at the walker. They sent his face in for facial recognition scanning.

Sarge growled "Why did it have to be speedsters! I hate speedsters!"

The game was a lot of fun - the bickering of the various characters, the posturings of Mr. Awesome, Doc Danger meeting his nemesis, the female... We laughed a lot, though it wasn't silly. Hard to explain the difference... :D


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