Friday, July 25, 2014

Alpha Testing Commences for High Strung

Yesterday, in preparation for Saturday's marathon one shot, Klax read through High Strung and made some excellent suggestions.

In High Strung, to make a character you put together two templates, a background and an age. The background tells you what you did previously, and gives you a list of 5 skills to pick from, a musical Style, and a +1 to one attribute. The age gives you how many points you can put into skills, what kind of job you have, and how many Hope you start with.

Klax noted that there was only one pure vocalist and one pure instrumentalist background. He also noted that it would be great to have a background with neither Play Instrument nor Sing skills available. So we hammered out three new backgrounds - Acapella, Instrumental Wiz, and Roadie Plus.

A second suggestion was to include an Improv skill, usable not only in performing, but when unexpected emergencies happen - which they do with alarming regularity in this game! - so you can work around them. Since there are a set number of skills - 2 per Attribute - this necessitated removal of one. We decided on replacing Repair, a skill of limited use, which could be subsumed in Improv anyway. We also had to go back into the backgrounds and change the skill lists to reflect this new skill - a simple substitution for repair would not be right.

So the game currently sits at 28 pages, with little if anything left to add to extend that. A fairly light game, with little to no prep, fast characters, and lots of strangeness.

Tomorrow I am running a day-long one shot of High Strung, from 1-10 PM, with breaks for dinner and dessert. joining our usual band of playtesters are three ex-players, two of whom are musicians, so the game has some added depth for them!

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