Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wrangling High Strung Into Playable Shape

I've committed to running High Strung Saturday the 26th. Three ex- players are returning to the fold for this game, two of whom are musicians. It's going to be a day-long one shot - 12 hours of play with breaks for meals and dessert. I anticipate much hilarity and vicious undercutting!

So I have to get High Strung into playable shape. Flesh out the tables. Find a fun consequence for all the Nasty Cards. Make sure I've covered everything. This will be an Alpha test - I need to make sure everything I need is there. If something arises in play that's not covered, I have to improvise, and note it down - "Need a frazzen in case the PCs decide to janx the ribby." or "Forgot to include Smapping in the Crozen interactions! Need Done ASAP! Used averaging with Dasking - worked OK?" - which is what my development notes generally look like...


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  2. Fascinating! Did you play with Funkadelic?