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"Yer After Me Lucky Charms!" The RPG

I wrote this RPG last November. It took me a day or two, and it was on a dare. :D

"Yer After Me Lucky Charms!" The RPG

Setting is Ireland during the English Occupation.

Player Character Types: (Choose 1 skill at 3, and one at 1, with the rest at 2)
All PCs may use Magic and have 3 life points

Aes Sidhe
Legendary elf from under the hill
Attributes: Pluck 2, Luck 1, Power 5, Faith 4, Smarts 3
Allowed Skills: Fight, Recover, Bless, Maneuver, Survive

Mischevious magical shoemaker
Attributes: Pluck 1, Luck 5, Power 2, Faith 3, Smarts 4
Allowed Skills: Fight, Notice, Heal, Fool, Escape

Shape-changing seal
Attributes: Pluck 3, Luck 4, Power 3, Faith 5, Smarts 1
Allowed Skills: Fist, Recover, Heal, Maneuver, Survive

Malevolent water-horse
Attributes: Pluck 5, Luck 2, Power 4, Faith 1, Smarts 2
Allowed Skills: Fight, Recover, Bless, Fool, Survive

Trickster sublime
Attributes: Pluck 4, Luck 3, Power 1, Faith 2, Smarts 5
Allowed Skills: Fist, Notice, Bless, Fool, Escape

Non-Player Character Types:
NPCs do not use Magic and have 3 Life Points

Attributes: Pluck 3, Luck 3, Power 3, Faith 3, Smarts 3
Allowed Skills: All at 3

The World - used to oppose skills checks without NPCs
No Attribute or Skill, but always equals seven, bits added mean additional difficulty.

Pluck (Tree) Ability to keep going - Skills relying on Pluck use the Tree Oat Bit
Luck (Clover) Ability to survive - Skills relying on Pluck use the Clover Oat Bit
Power (Cross) Ability to deal harm - Skills relying on Pluck use the Cross Oat Bit
Faith (Fish) Ability to heal body and mind - Skills relying on Pluck use the Fish Oat Bit
Smarts (Bell) Ability to think - Skills relying on Pluck use the Bell Oat Bit

Fist [Power] Punching and wrestling - non-lethal combat
Fight [Power] Shooting and stabbing - lethal combat
Recover [Pluck] Natural self-healing - heals 1 life point to self if injured and not dead
Notice [Pluck] Spotting hidden things - each additional point of success is something else spotted.
Bless [Faith] Healing minds - heals 1 life point to self or others if Confused
Heal [Faith] Healing bodies - heals 1 life point to others if injured and not dead
Maneuver [Smarts] Getting the better position - success means +3 to next Skill Check
Fool [Smarts] Misdirection and duping - mental combat
Escape [Luck] Getting out of Dodge - May break the encounter and flee if successful
Survive [Luck] A slip in time can save your life - A success avoids 1 Life Point otherwise lost

Magic Marshmallow Bits
Hearts - Confer healing so intense, they can even bring dead characters back to life.
Shooting Stars - Allow the caster to fly for one round.
Horseshoes - Allow the caster to act three times in the next round.
Clovers - Allow the caster to be invulnerable for that round.
Blue Moons - Make the caster invisible.
Rainbows - Teleport the caster anywhere and back.
Balloons - Make any three human targets weightless and floaty.
Hourglass - Allow the caster to turn back time to the previous round.

Play Setup

Players pick one PC type character at a time in any order established, but only one of each character type may be chosen. Players apportion skill points, and name their characters.
GM only plays Sassenachs.
Each player and the GM grabs a blind handful of Lucky Charms from the box. This only happens once, before play begins for the session. The GM may nominate a single person to grab handfuls, to avoid hand size disparities.
Since the GM has no use for Marshmallow Bits - Magic - he or she may auction them off to the highest bidder for Oat Bits of a particular type, and the GM may set a minimum bid. i.e. "I have here a Rainbow! I'm taking only Crosses for this, and minimum bid is three!" If the minimum bid is not met - or just on a whim - the GM may eat unsold Marshmallow Bits. If the minimum bid is met and paid, however, the GM must hand over the Marshmallow Bit bid for.


All skill checks are opposed. Skills unopposed by NPCs are opposed by The World.
Players add together Attribute and Skill, plus from zero to three Oat Bits of the proper type, and compare them to the NPCs - or other player character's - Attribute+Skill+Bits, or to The World.
Highest total wins. Any points over the loser 's total may be used to remove Life Points for Fist, Fight, or Fool.
At Zero Life Points, the character is either Unconscious (Fist) Dead (Fight) or Confused (Fool). Confused characters are unable to take any action, even to save themselves.
When you run out of the proper Oat Bits, you can only use Skill + Attribute
When you run out of Magic Marshmallows, no more can Magic be performed.
Bits added to actions of the World are shown openly - Players know how difficult a task is. Bits added to character - PC or NPC - actions are revealed simultaneously.

This game is not copyrighted, and may be used freely for whatever you want. Add stuff, take away stuff, change stuff - it's all cool.

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