Monday, May 11, 2015

A vignette from The Necklace

Bonchi saw the detective staring at his runabout parked on the rear deck of the airship, and walked over to find out what was on her mind. She was looking thoughtful.

"Hola Detective! Are the Rasi Police interested in acquiring a speedy little runabout? I can give you a good, fair, hardly inflated price!"

"Is this yours, Bonchi?" she asked, still looking at the craft, one finger tapping her lips.

"Why yes it is, Detective Jarlsdottir! I have the papers..." Or could write them up, real fast...

"Witnesses said they saw a blue runabout at the Trading Station some hours after your airship left. If that's the case, perhaps your airship leaving well before the casino heist doesn't give you all an alibi after all."

"That particular model was very popular when I bought it years ago. And who doesn't love blue? Blue is the color of the Necklace after all!" And if you buy that, I have a bridge I can sell, cheap.

She squinted at me out of the corner of her eyes. Why did I get involved with her in the first place? Oh yeah! Her eyes. "Really, Bonchi? If only the people involved looked anything like your troupe, your alibi would be worthless. Anyway, I'm free tonight, so I came to take you up on the offer of a seat for your play."

Ah! This I could do! "Of course, my dear! The ticket will be waiting for you at the window. And afterwards? I'm always pumped up after a show!"

She flashed a bright white smile. "Afterwards, we'll see what happens! Maybe I'll be all... excited too..."

As I waved to her affectionately, I figured I had put her off the runabout. Now if she ever realized how good our makeup people were, I'd be in trouble! I whistled to myself as I walked off. Life was good!

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