Saturday, May 23, 2015

From The Necklace: Altisherpa Nomad Camp

From The Necklace, a setting element, randomly generated:

Element Label: Air Mat (55)

Element Description: Altisherpan Nomad Camp

Element Size: Extra-Large

Other Element Data:

Settlement Type Altisherpan Nomad Camp

Settlement Name none

Settlement Size 151-200

Settlement Ancillaries/ Facilities/Resources Genetics Lab, Artists’ Colony, Actors’ Colony

Other Settlement Features

Vegetables - Enhanced Greens, Strange Liquors, Exotic Fruits

Meats - Zero-G Pigs, Exotic Fowl, Zero-G Cattle

Cultural Oddities

Economics -

Interpersonal - Legal Incest

Leisure - Recreational Drug Use

Fashion - Nudity

Taboos - Hair

Obligations - Social Bathing

Slavery -

Notes These Altisherpan Nomads are experimenting with a “natural” lifestyle, as they imagine their early ancestors on Earth would have lived, if their ancestors on earth lived in zero-G on a vegetative mat floating is a tropical sea of air whirling about a neutron star. Really, it’s an excuse for a somewhat kinky vacation in the wild, with no holds barred sex, drugs, and partying. They are fringe types, artists and actors, and they have regular exhibitions and performances.

The mat is huge, with forests, meadows, pools, and fields on both sides. The camp is distributed around a semi-permanent pool which is used for communal bathing. Portashelts, Inflatashelts, and hard and soft tents surround the pond, and the community airship is moored solidly nearby.

The Altisherpas are friendly and welcoming, so long as you abide by their community rules while with them. They’ve been on the mat for six months, and are not nearly ready to return to the City, though new people are going to be intriguing. Their biological changes are just starting to change the nature of the mat, making it more welcoming for future nomads. The introduced animals are flourishing, and culls have already been made, ending up on plates throughout the camp. They would certainly be willing to barter for other supplies and items of interest.

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