Saturday, May 30, 2015

Story Seeds for The Necklace

At the suggestion of a Beta playtester, I am making up a series of 100 story seeds for The Necklace, "for people that just cannot get their heads around how one of your games actually play" My games are generally geared for less explored aspects of play. :D

So, there are 20 suggested types of organization you can build your characters for, and Klax and I came up with five quick story seeds for each. Example:

8 Outsider Mission

1: Your tour group has crashlanded somewhere in the Zoo. Survive until you are rescued!

2: Your mission is to steal a bio-genetic formula from the Altisherpas. Good luck!

3: You're on a mission to deal with Rasi for Builder Tech, but your ship is taken by pirates!

4: Your Outsider group has just finished an interstellar resort, when you find a Carnivale tribe has filed a claim with the Altisherpas for your land as a holy site!

5: Your cruise ship has been hit by a sky whale and SURPRISE! The escape equipment is limited and/or faulty. Survive!

Some of the seeds are re-used from a different angle, for example, #2 above is complemented by this:

9 Commercial Espionage

1: You have information that Outsiders are planning on stealing a bio-genetic formula from your Altisherpan company. You must stop them!

and #5 by this:

20 Salvage/Repo Company

2: Your team is sent in to salvage an airship struck by a sky whale, but the passengers have formed dangerous bands in the long derelict vessel!

So there is more than one way to view the same incident, depending on how it is approached.

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