Tuesday, September 6, 2016

StarCluster 4 Toolboxes

I am currently working on StarCluster 4 Toolboxes - short, focused collections of tools available in pdf and print; 32-64 page saddle stitch is my range. Right now I have Toolbox 1: People with Aliens and Uplifts, Robots, and Created Creatures - Androids and Bioroids; and Toolbox 2: Setting Tools with Creating the Company, Making the Cluster, and Setting Generators, both between 32 and 64 pages. Toolbox 3: Spaceships is more distantly in the works as well. Toolbox 4: Things and Toolbox 5: GM Tools are at the conceptual stage.

I am also looking to create some "Magazines". These would be similarly-sized, but essay-based rather than tool-based, where I or one of our other authors delves into various subjects in some detail. Right now I am looking at Magazines on Technology, Social, and Rules topics.

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