Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Updates on a few things:

Klax and James'supers game using the StarCluster 3 system now weilds the magnificent working title of "Look! Up in the sky!". Thank you so much Tim! It's pure awesome. It also sets up the cover illos beautifully. Speaking of illos, I can't do them - my range of styles never intersects with comic books in any way - so they will need someone else.

I'm working on the setting for a reboot of PIG's The Colonies. Rather than create a new one out of whole cloth, I'm expanding on the concepts in the original, which were more like seeds than actual settings. So far I'm really liking the results. It stretches me in interesting ways out of the comfortable familiarity of my own concepts. My own deeply ingrained pattern is to think of causes first before proceeding to effects, and this particular instance reverses that flow.

Outremer is going nicely! Again, once I had figured out the cause - the deviation in the Second Crusade - the effects start to fall naturally into place. It's beginning to become startlingly real in my mind - which is a scary thought. I want to start adventuring in Outremer now! :D

I've decided to fold the Robot Design Guide and the Created Creatures Guide into StarCluster 3. That will vastly increase the PC options, which is always a good idea in my book! The more I can put on the Group level, the happier I am!

On a personal note, I am constrained quite a bit by the recent flooding in New England. My place is entirely soaked, the carpet splashing and squishing as I walk through it. I'm having the carpets taken up and replaced, but while this is going on, my furniture is being jammed here and there, and I can't work normally, so please, if you send me something, or email me, or say something in a forum to me, be patient. My best access is from work currently. I am *far* better off than many, though, so I am not complaining.



  1. I'm glad it worked. Also, I've tons of artists who might want more hero work. Just let me know.

    What's the Colonies about?

  2. Thanks, Tim! Klax wants to see if he can do it himself, though I may do the inking of his pencils. We'll see how that works out.

    The Colonies is a SF game from PIG where Earth sent out several colony ships, and colonized Mars, but then was invaded by aliens. The game is set further in the future, where the extra-solar colonies have sent people back to help the Martians fight the aliens on Earth. Right now I'm working on the four extra-solar colonies that sent people back.