Friday, April 30, 2010

StarCluster 3 - CharGen

I've been working on SC 3E's CharGen. I have taken out the schooling up to college, and replaced it with Background skills based on the character's lifestyle. Colleges are completely changed now - you go through a degree program - Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or PhD. After that, you go out into professions. One skill per year. That's it. That is far simpler than StarCluster 2E, and even simpler than IHW:SC.

I brought all the professions from SC 2E into SC 3E, but they have been updated, with new skill lists and different preconditions and almost universally more difficult waiver targets. I've completely dropped Metaskills - there was a novelty that failed! Social skills, which were available separately in SC 2E, are now integrated into the skill lists for the professions.

The "standard" Sastra, Vantor, Human, and Tagris humanoids are available, along with the hybrids, but I have integrated Augmentations from Biotech into the chargen. Optionally, in another chapter, you can be a robot, an alien, an uplifted animal, or a bioroid construct, with rules for creating each and examples. I will be putting implants in as well, into a medical section, to create cyborgs.

So chargen is done. Next is spaceships!



  1. Cool. Sounds like you're building the "big" version. One thing to do is to make sure you reference things player characters can take on at PC creation.

    Don't want to make a person roll up a PC and then miss an option they really wanted.

  2. Thanks to Levi's suggestion, I now have this:

    I think that will serve.