Friday, April 16, 2010

StarCluster 3E - what's in it?

Here's an outline of SC 3E as currently anticipated:


Character Generation
- Attributes
- Backgrounds
- Education
- Professions
Character Options
- Humanoids
- Aliens
- Uplifts and Bioroids
- Robots
Guide to Skills, PSI Skills, Edges, and Traits
Playing StarCluster 3E
- StarNova - d6 roll and add dicepool
- StarKarma - diceless
- StarRisk - risk failure to gain successes, or get mild success without risk
Equipment & Weapons
- Equipment
- Vac Suits and Armor
- Weapons
Star Travel and Ship Combat
Commercial StarShip Operation
Commercial StarShip Construction
Private Vehicles
- Example Vehicles
The Diaspora
Cluster Religions
Making the Cluster
Overview of the Diasporan Community and SaVaHuTa
Appendix A: GM Advice
Appendix B: Adventure Generator
Appendix C: Optional Rules


Is there anything not there that should be there?
Is there anything there that should not be there?
Any questions?


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