Tuesday, April 20, 2010

StarCluster 3 - progress report

StarCluster 3 is coming along fast. It helps that there is some unavoidable overlap with IHW:SC, though I tried to keep as little as possible in common. The alien and cluster generation, and the sections on Politics and the Diaspora, are substantially identical. I'm pretty sure that the rest is different enough!

I am toying with putting StarPerc in this game as well as in IHW:SC. I didn't want to, but some of the comments I have gotten have asked for a single die - and percentiles are effectively a single die - resolution mechanic as opposed to just pools and diceless. The alternative is a d20 (cinematic) version of Star20. Hmmmm - we'll see.

I've added the Cluster Religion guide into the game directly, as well as the entirety of the Created Creatures and Robots guides. The support material for SC 3E will be different than for SC 2E - more emphasis on sector-sized optional settings, created with the Cluster Generator. I'm incorporating the material that was optional in SC 2E into the game directly.

I doubt there will be any sample adventure. I'm not good at writing these for anyone but myself. There will be an adventure generator which will generate basic plot seeds, like the one in OHMAS.

One suggestion was that I put the sector generation and/or company creation sections ahead of the chargen section. That is *very* interesting! It flows logically, and I may end up doing this. For my own game of IHW:SC, I had my players generate their own home systems and planets, and they thought it was perfect, as it gave them some real grounding in where they came from - and why they left. I'm going to recommend this option more strongly in SC 3E than I did in IHW:SC.


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