Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Separate Culture Chargens?

Another question for anyone who will answer - In SC 2E, I had separate chargen sections for Advanced (Tech beyond what we have now), Backward (Tech from Steam to now), and Primitive (Pre-steam tech) cultures. For 3E, I was planning on dropping the Backward and Primitive culture chargen, and just going with Advanced. I was assuming 99% of games would be played with advanced characters. Is that true? Are the separate chargens not worth the space they take up? Remember I am putting a *lot* of new stuff in the game. it's not like I have all the space I need.



  1. Hey Clash,

    Purely personally, I would prefer to have the option to develop characters from lower-tech backgrounds.

    Unless lower-tech worlds are extremely rare or all 100% effectively interdicted in the setting, it seems unreasonable to me to exclude the possibility that a PC might come from one.



  2. Thanks, Marchand!

    Lower than steam tech societies are effectively interdicted, but steam-to-now tech societies trade openly. So maybe the middle (Backward) society chargen should be included, and the Primitive (pre Steam) societies could be excluded.