Thursday, May 27, 2010

StarCluster 3E: Company HQs

Available company HQs for SC 3E:

A base on the surface of an asteroid, self-sufficient for 25, with Small Craft Dock.
A warehouse in an on-world city, with delivery vehicle.
Small Station
A Small Space Station, in solar orbit, self sufficient for 50, with Small Ship Dock.
A partially destroyed and derelict ship in solar orbit, Self-sufficient for 10.
Corporate HQ
A large building with office space for 150, outside an on-world city/
Secret Base
A hidden base dug into an asteroid or moon, self sufficient for 20.
A share on a space station, with quarters and offices for 30.
A small world - moon or dwarf planet - with a base self sufficient for 500, a landing area and pressurized hangers for three Small Ships.
A laboratory on-world, in or near a city, with lab space and offices for 30.
Mfg Plant
A factory, on or off-world, with robotic machinery, industrial nanovats, and work areas for 20
Creative and recording equipment for Trivox games and entertainment.
60-100 Ton Small Craft
101-250 Ton Small Ship
251-600 Ton Small Ship
750-1000 Ton Medium Ship
Wilderness Estate
Estate in the wild, far from civilization, self sufficient for 80, with landing area and hanger for one Small Ship.
An independent City-State under the control of the company, with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, located on-world.
An independent City-State under the control of the company, with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, located in stellar orbit.
Rural Retreat
A rustic camp in the country, isolated from easy access, with facilities for 30.
Hollowed Mountain/Asteroid
A mountain or asteroid hollowed out inside, self sufficient for 2500, with 3 docks for Medium and Small Ships, and Small Craft
A tall building with thousands of workers, located in a large city.
Floating Tower
As Skyscraper, but floating on permanent A-Grav, with a fusion power plant.
Grav Modified Asteroid
An asteroid whose surface has been fitted with grav plates to retain a breathable atmosphere, with the plates possibly covered with soil and plant life.
Undersea Habitat
A bubble city with thousands of inhabitants, self-sufficient from aquaculture.
Island Base
A base self sufficient for 500, built on and under a remote island.
Suburban Office Complex
A building complex with office space for hundreds of workers.
Spaceport Terminal
A terminal building at a major spaceport, with shops, restaurants, and bars for thousands of people.
A small shuttleport, usually in a remore area, with hangers for 5 Small Ships.
Bolt Hole
A hidden emergency base in an asteroid or moon, self sufficient for 5.
A large building for religious devotion, able to accomodate hundreds.
A building complex with classrooms, lecture halls, dorms, cafeterias, and laboratories, with fusion power.plant.


  1. Hey Clash,

    I like the variety - but why the restrictions on numbers? I might want a secret base for 50, or 200 people.

    Could there be a system where accommodation of each kind for 10 operatives cost a certain amount?

    Excited to see the cover mockup, by the way...


  2. Hi Marchand!

    The scope of the variance between a 5 person bolt hole and a several hundred thousand person habitat, combined with an abstract wealth system and huge differences in quality, makes this s very complex problem. Rather than com up with a complex solution, I advise the GM that these are standards, and can be modified using a bit of common sense if needed.


  3. Yay! Bases! What would a spacestation cost?

  4. Hi Tim!

    A small station costs 4096 points for high quality, half that (2048) for poor quality. A high quality Habitat would cost 65536 points, half that (32768) for a poor quality habitat.


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