Saturday, June 5, 2010

StarCluster 3 - Character Generation

I'm working on a different method of character generation for StarCluster 3. I'm using the same method used to create individual aliens and uplifts - giving the average species stats, and allowing random or determined variations on this. After the attributes are generated, you can choose Augmetations if you wish. These can range from stat boosts to complete arbitrary body shaping. After that, you choose 12 Background Skills or choose a template to supply those skills. At this point you can if you wish go to higher education, or you can go directly into professions.

This method does two things - it creates an unambiguous average human character, and centers the characters around that average. It also is the same method used for other character types, unifying the CharGen structure. I like this idea, though it's different than the method used in In Harm's Way: StarCluster. I even thought of changing the CharGen in IHWSC to match, but I decided to leave it as it is. This way it gives more options to the group - if they prefer the method in IHWSC, they can use that for SC3 with no problem, as the actual results are comparable.

More and more, I'm moving toward more group-level options. The more that is up to the group, the happier I am.


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