Friday, June 25, 2010

StarCluster 3 - Alpha Test Changes

Klax is gone to Florida for his Masters program, and I miss him terribly already. We may thus end up changing the playtest parameters tomorrow. The group really enjoyed the Detectives, but they may want to do something new. The Detectives was entirely Klaxon's idea - they let him make the decision as he was going away so soon. Whatever happens we will be changing resolution systems. Klax chose the StarPerc percentile system, because it is so very well tested. He didn't want to introduce too many variables at once.

Klax and James are continuing work on Look, Up in the Sky! at long distance. There is nothing restricting such an endeavor. I do it all the time. I have never met many of my collaborators, like John Snead, Pat Brady, and others. James is working on the setting, and Klax is working on the system. He's already entirely re-written the skill system so as to de-emphasize it, and expanded Blood Games/OHMAS' Paths of Power into an entire Powers system.



  1. Yeah - I can't wait for Look! either - though it's going to have to go a long way before it beats H&S... :D