Thursday, June 24, 2010

StarCluster 3: Necklace

StarCluster 3 is almost ready for beta test. I have to create more example space ships and vehicles, but I think everything else is covered. If anyone readig this blog is interested in beta-testing, please reply or email me!

I thought I would pass along one of the most interesting StarCluster 3 worlds. This one was created by Klaxon. He rolled a result of "really physically bizarre" when creating his home system worlds. He thought for a bit, then created Necklace. Necklace is partially an artifact and partially a natural phenomenon. It's a life bearing gas torus around a neutron star which orbits close in around the primary star - see Niven's Smoke Ring. The torus is a million km think, but only the center has enouh air to sustain life. Unlike the Smoke Ring, however, Necklace has been modified by either the Ancients or the Etvar.

Using artificial gravity and rocks from an asteroid belt, clump worlds were constructed in the torus, with varying amounts of artificial gravity, but all with far more gravity than their mass would indicate. They also created a sort of gravity ribbon which is intrinsicly sloped down. This ribbon is The River, which carries water endlessly around the torus, it's course meandering randomly. The total length of The River is about 1.5 times the diameter of the torus around it's centerline.

Most people live on the clumpworlds of the torus, but there are more clumpworlds than there are settlements. The volume of habitable space is enormous. The rest of the volume is in free fall. There are free-fall plants, animals, even whole jungles. Water assumes a spherical form, and most everything can fly, even a little.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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