Saturday, June 26, 2010

StarCluster 3 - Alpha Test Session 2.5 - Angels of Mercy

We had a short session, because James had to leave early, and decided to use it to create an entirely new company. This company is a sort of interstellar Doctors Without Borders, called Angels of Mercy. It's a non-profit corporation, sustained by donations from the public and from companies.

The HQ is at a rural retreat on the beautiful world of Tranquility in the Klaxon System. The group decided on 40 standard security, with ten mercs as elites. They purchaces 6 ground cars for use as ambulances, and 6 air trucks for mobility. They have a Mobile Clinic, a Mobile Surgical Unit, 4 orderlies, 4 nurses, 2 Physician's Assistants, and the PC doctors/surgeons. They also purchased Rare and Uncommon Sociology and Medical Databases.

The PCs they created were done troupe style. Each player has a Doctor or Surgeon on one hand, and a Mercenary elite guard on the other. The Security forces are expected to double us unskilled labor if needed, but the mercs are not. Local doctors may be recruited to help, and local nurses and orderlies will almost certainly be recruited, but they will not be a permanent part of the organization.

They don't know this, but their first mission will be an epidemic on the densely populated but backward (Tech Level 6 - about equivalent to 1900-1950 on earth) world of Demarcadia. Demarcadia is an earth-sized moon of a gas giant called Calhoun. Demarcadia is populated by billions of Uplifts, with no humans. It is wet and earthlike, with extensive forests and farmland, and huge oceans.

We'll be using the StarRisk mechanic initially, later switching to StarKarma and StarNova. starRisk is a 1d10 roll over mechanic with the unique feature of rolls being entirely optional. The PC can always just choose to succeed at the lowest possible success, or gamble, and roll with the possibility of failure and of much higher success. Should be interesting!


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