Friday, February 4, 2011

Gaming update

Just to fill you all in on my gaming situation:

My Tools of ignorance game is flying now. The Maine Lobsters are playing a May series against San Diego. The April series against Philadelphia was a sweep, and the Lobsters are leading their division. The team really jelled in the last game, beating Philadelphia 13-1, with the Lobster's pitcher throwing a complete game, and hitting a homerun besides. It's an open secret on the team that their over-the-hill outfielder has really picked up his game since deciding to juice up. Just hope the League doesn't run a random test! So far the group is really getting into it - having a lot of fun with not being deadly killers.

My IRC Sunday SC3 game is in the home stretch - about 2 more sessions to go. They have infiltrated the Warrener Embassy, replacing the second wife of the Security Chief with one of their own - a clone sister of the wife. The rest of the group are in the Embassy as roadies and musicians of a band playing at a ball/concert for teh Ambassador. Now they have to actually get the damned datacrya that started teh whole thing, but that's under heavy guard.

My IRC Thursday night SC3 game is also coming into the home stretch. The customer is a robot designer who found out that the company she worked for was somehow temporarily de-sentient-izing robots, shipping them to a DC world with a more convenient sentient policy, and taking a kickback on the huge profits after restoring their free will. She hired them to save her, expose the company, and rescue her son. The PCs have their suspicions that the customer's son, a sex-switchced clone of herself, is actually behind the whole thing, having inherited the same genius at robot design as his mother, but far fewer scruples. Now they are digging for proof, instigating a robot riot, broadcasting interviews with the customer, kidnapping a company heir, and generally doign PC things. Stuff is happening. The company genuinely seems not to know. Is the son doing it all onhis own? Will the customer support a solution that exposes her son to charges of sentient slavery?


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