Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Internet Gaming Forum Thread Translation Table

For those of you who are new to Internet fora, I thought I'd provide this handy tool, which compiles the wisdom of my many years of forum posting.

Thread Title ------------------ Meaning

Sell me on Game X -------------- I'm too lazy to read reviews or do any research. Entertain me!

Sell me on Free Game X --------- I'm too lazy to download this file for free. Entertain me!

GMAE X TOTTALY ROXS!! ---- I'm 12 years old and functionally illiterate!

What game would work for X? ---I'm bored. Tell me your favorite game. Entertain me!

Can I run Y with X? ------------- You total strangers must know my group better than I do!

Blah blah blah Immersion ------- I love bloodshed and hysteria! Entertain me!

Game X vs Game Y... ---------- Two similar games! Two groups of passionate fans! Fight!

Game X is the New Hotness!! --- Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm so excited I piddled on the floor!

Too many games! -------------- One could play one game forever. I have more than one! Panic!

[Exalted] Blah blah blah -------- I'm on RPGnet, right?

What is your favorite X? -------- So bored! So brainless! Entertain me, suckahs!

Blah blah Swine blah... -----------I'm on the RPG Site, right?

Site X Suxxors! ----------------- I'm permabanned there so I came here to make trouble!

I got this crazy idea... ----------- I'm certifiably batshit and am required by law to warn you!



  1. Sometimes I've asked similar questions--but for me its something I've got in the "I want to buy this, but.." column. A little nudge could make it go either way.

  2. Well, if you ever post a "Game X is the New Hotness!" thread, I'll disown you, Tim! :D


  3. "Sell me..." threads do have a purpose, especially if you frequent a forum and pay attention to what other people there play.

    For instance, I can read six reviews of a game that can all be glowing, negative or a mix...but say I don't know the reviewers (and thus their tastes) I ask around at The RPG Site, the thoughts and reactions of the posters I interact with daily can have a much bigger impact, for better or for worse. Everything else is pretty well spot on...=)

  4. Hi Tommy:

    I guess that would be reasonable enough, but I would wager it's only true in about 10% of the actual cases. :D


  5. Well, I was speaking from personal experience, for what it's worth...(I almost NEVER buy blind).

  6. You, of course, would be in that 10%! :D


  7. "Blah blah blah Immersion ------- I love bloodshed and hysteria! Entertain me!"

    Most of the other ones made sense, but I'm not seeing this one.

  8. Hi Rev!

    It just seems any discussion of Immersion turns into knock down drag out verbal cat fights with one group trying to eviscerate the other, and vice versa. Some folks have different views on what Immersion means, and others don't believe it is real.