Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hacked! And other topics!

Apparently late last night my yahoo mail account began spewing out hideous amounts of nasty spam. One of my computers was shut down - here at work - and the other wasn't logged into yahoo, but I tested them anyway. Both report no malware, so I think my yahoo account was hacked. I have changed my login, and hopefully that will stop things. Keep your fingers crossed, and don't follow any suspicious links in emails! Especially from me!

This weekend I worked on polishing up Outremer, ordering a late beta print version from lulu to look it all over in print. Outremer is *not* yet on sale, I just loaded up a pdf and the covers to Lulu for a proof.

Klax sent me his latest - the vehicle construction system for Look! Up In The Sky! Now I have to lay it out into the document and edit it. I particularly loved the example vehicles!

In addition to running my usual two games this weekend, I began serious work on the StarCluster 3 and Outremer games I'll be running in Montreal next month at le Grande Roludothon. My wife and I were up all night making characters and setting up organizations.


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