Monday, May 9, 2011

My Electronic Toys Will Defeat Your Scheduling Nightmares, Demon!

Ran this weekend's playtest of Outremer with Klaxon telecommuting from Orlando. I set up my Ipad at one end of the table, and Klax connected in with Skype. The video was jerky, and froze once for a minute or so, but he could see us - once we switched the Ipad to landscape format - and we could see him, and it worked very well over all. The Ipad was in vertical format during the first part of the session, so that we could leave it in the cradle/dock, and keep it powered. Unfortunately, it limided his peripheral vision substantialy, and once we tilted it into landscape format, he was a lot more comfortable.

James continues to have troubles getting here because of his jobs, especially now that we've switched back to Saturdays so that Adam can make it. Next week, we are splitting James and Michelle off on Sunday while our main group continues to meet on Saturday. We'll still be playing the same playtest campaign, but the two groups can work simultaneously but separately. This is in addition to Klax and my IHW:NN game over IRC on Sunday morning. Klax is also playing in a D&D game in Orland Sunday evening with his project group.

Speaking of Klax's project group, here is the url to their Facebook page . According to Klax, it's to be a full 3D puzzle-platformer.


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