Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Of Djinn and Angels

Saturday's session was the last before Klax went back to Orlando, but we are going to try linking him in virtually through my Ipad via Skype and playing with his disembodied head. I'll set the Ipad at the opposite end of the table in its cradle, and see how it goes. Klax is playing a rather dim-witted and extremely funny half-Djinn, who has fire magic and flight. He's constantly jumping to conclusions, misunderstanding information, and weaving it all into ridiculous imaginative constructs ehich he firmly believes in.

Another new player joined us as well, Martha. She had never played before, but fit right in, playing a badass half-Angel who is a bit too bad for the Light, but nowhere near nasty enough for the Dark. She and Klax' half-Djinn interrogated the prisoner by playing catch with him four miles above Damascus.

We played the Outremer playtest, of course, but Saturday was a more in-character day. We determined that the group needed a leader, so we held a series of votes, all of which were flawed because Klax's character kept cheating in hilarious ways. Eventually we held an election in which no one noticed his cheating, and went with it. in that last election he wasn't trying to win, but to avoid no votes at all, and luckily it tipped the balance away from an NPC and towards a PC, So I was happy to go with it.

The group also determined from interrogating the Minstrel we had captured that the Grandfather of Assassins was north of Damascus, and the Oracle had a vision of a castle in the mountains, so the group decided to work its way north from Damascus. They were in the hills south of the Bekaa valley when their group was hit by Sandwalkers - a nasty amalgam of crab and scorpion that prefers camel meat. They were dispatched, but the Oracle was grieviously injured in the process.

That's it for the recap!



  1. Sounds like a great game Clash. We should be doing our first game on the 13th. An auspicious date? We'll see if my half angel will get a half djin to play with. It is one of the possibilities. :) I'll keep you informed on what turns out on ours.

  2. Hi Bonni!

    Definitely keep me informed! I'd love to hear what you all are doing! :D

    We actually have two half-angels, twin sisters. Michelle is playing a dark-colored angel of the Light, and Martha is playing a light-colored neutral angel. Michelle's character thinks her sister is evil, and says so. They don't get along too well.

    We also have two half-djinn, played by Klaxon and James. Two more different characters never walked the earth. Klax's character is blunt, deeply stupid, labile, and imaginative. James' is practical, smart, even-tempered, and subtle - he was a smuggler who forged his way into a substantial inheritance, and is now a knight.