Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tag Ends in Outremer

At the end of each national description in Outremer, I've added a tag end of information. For example, here is the one for Ascalon:

Inhabitants of Ascalon:
Ancestry - New French, Frank, German, Arab
Languages - Frankish, German, Arabic
Religions - Roman Catholic
Edges - Warfare, Fortification
Relations - Relations with:

  • Cairo are Strained

  • Cyprus are Good

  • Jerusalem are Awkward

  • All others are Normal
Cultural Traits - Suspicious 2, Pious 2, Warlike 1, Efficient 2
Political Traits - Theocratic 2, Martial 2, Conservative 2, Puritanical 1
Physical Conditions - Crowded, Orderly, Flat, Maritime

This gives a quick overview on the nation. Inhabitants covers ethnicities, lanuages, and religions in the nation. Edges says what the people from Ascalon are good at. Relations tells us what the diplomatic relations with other nations in Outremer are like. Cultural Traits give us the Stereotype of the typical inhabitant. Political Traits tell us what the government is like, and Physical Conditions describes the nation's topography.

I think this kind of precis can be very valuable as an in-game reference. Sure, you could infer these things from the descriptive texts, but it's hard to find information buried in text when you are reading at the table. This way, it's all out there and easy to find.


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