Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Busy Week!

Tonight we are meeting to prep a session of Look! Up In The Sky! while Klax is up here. He's added a lot of material since the last time, and made a lot of small changes in the stuff already written, so we've got to create a new Association - AKA Setai - a new City, and new heroes. One of the cool new things is a weapon definition system, where we can mod weapons for our heroes.

Our last session was very cool and a lot of fun, and we all loved our heroes, but the purpose here is an accelerated play test, and we need to push it, thus new everything. Our last Sentai had almost no resources, and we were all pretty poor, so we need to test out a better funded Association.

We'll play the game Sunday afternoon. Sunday Morning is my In Harm's Way: Napoleonic Naval IRC game, and Saturday is our Outremer game, plus Daring Derelict Delvers over IRC Thursday night with Tim, so I will be very busy this week!


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