Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ducassi Organization - (Johnston Association)

Here is the Association we came up with for our Johnston campaign:

NAME: The Ducassi Organization

HQ LOCATION: The Old Ducassi Theater, Downtown.
ASSOCIATION TYPE: Straight Gang, supported by the population.

Guards and Security: Elite Grunts – 30, Elite Guards – 20, Standard Grunts – 60, Standard Security System
Transportation: Standard Cars – 3, Designed Vehicles (A-grav truck/tank) - 3
Medical: Poor Med Bay, Standard Doctor, Standard Med Tubes - 2
Data Library: Standard Science, Standard Criminal
Information Gathering: Internet, Standard Informant, Standard Hacker
Training: Danger Room
Logistics and Maintenance: 256

This association is a mob-like gang, that has taken it upon itself to serve and protect the citizens of the city in lieu of the government, who views the populace as nothing more than a set of people to tax, and otherwise don’t care what happens. This change, from standard criminal gang to protectors of the people, has come about through long term protection money and a certain Noblesse Oblige of the old-style Mafia family that runs it, the Ducassis. Recently, there was a dispute over the next head of the gang, leading to a split of east and west. PC’s are working with the recognized head of the family. The Informant will be named later, in play, as a surprise to the GM.

Klax's character is Danny "Duke" Dukessi. Danny is the oldest son of a bastard son of the eighth head of the family. The ninth head was his legitimate son, Danny's uncle. Danny's father, a captain in the Family, died saving the life of his half-brother, who didn't know about it as he was lied to. Danny's family has a ring which gives members of his family certain powers. When Danny's uncle died, the ring was passed to his son, Danny's cousin, but the ring rejected him. Danny's family, now headed by his mother, who hates the family, had drifted away into genteel poverty since the father's death, but the Family located him and the ring accepted him as leader. This occasioned the split in the family, which was very recent. Danny's cousin, Donny, heads the half of the Family who now protect Westwood. They are not - as yet - enemies, but rather rivals. The Ducessis are an old - and old-fashioned - Mafia Family. Danny's mother is his "Aunt May", who hates the Family and everything to do with it, and can never learn of Danny's involvement.


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