Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Syrian Lightning - An IHW:Dragons! Dragon for Outremer

Continuing on in the spirit of adapting creatures from other Flying Mice games to Outremer, here is a desert dragon, the Syrian Lightning. I created it from the rules in In Harm's Way: Dragons! for Outremer. This was in response to Bonni's reply to my last post, where she says she may be using some dragons she had created for the older game in her Outremer game - I just couldn't resist, because creating dragons randomly is fun!

Syrian Lightning

Hippo sized - medium for dragons. Capable of carrying several people.
Break 4 - not easy to turn.
Damage Track 20 - quite tough!
Night Vision Edge: Night 4 - big eyes, possibly with chatoyance.
Acceleration 10 - extremely quick!
Ceiling 12 - moderately high flying
Max Speed 15 - goes like a bat out of hell!
Maneuv 12 - moderately maneuverable.
INT 8 - very smart!
Covering - Medium Feathers Armor 2
Natural Weapon - Claws +35 Attack Skill+2
Eats herd animals - Aggression: Defensive - not very aggressive, but will fight
Habitat: Desert - this includes both true desert and semi-arid lands
Sight X3 - Human level eyesight
Smell X3 - and smell as good as human eyesight
Hearing X1 - human level hearing
Touch X2 - very sensitive.
Alert +3
Observe +3
Terra Cotta feathers on the back with a matte gradation to pale gray on the underbelly
Barbed and Maned



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  1. Beautiful Clash! Thanks. You know I love those Dragons. Our game will have dragons in it. I know my Hummers have to show up. Now I get to bring out the rules and make more dragons. you can't have enough dragons. Unless of course if they are after you. :)