Monday, October 8, 2012

More Look! Up In The Sky!

Ran a one shot of Klaxon's *Look! Up In The Sky!* supers game this weekend while camping. We had already run games at Moderate, Earthshaking, Cosmic, and Ultimate levels, so we figured we should definitely run a game set at lower levels - Pulp or Street. We chose the higher of the two, Street.

Street Supers are set up to be created as one-power wonders. They have enough power to do one thing really well. We set up our Company, and rolled *real* low on the funding. At first it was like *crap*! Then we started to realize the possibilities! We decided to go with a Great Lakes Avengers theme - an affiliate of a major, powerful supers team set in a total backwater. We crossed that with an Urban Fantasy theme to create "The Shepherds", a powerful nationwide secret society dedicated to prevent the misuse of magic, along with the prevention of exploiting humans by magical creatures and magic-using people.We were the Bloomington branch.

This was a fictional Bloomington, set vaguely in the vast sea of corn that is Middle America. We randomly rolled a totally ridiculous supers city - hard working, prosperous and affluent, few clashing cultures, moderate crime - nothing that makes super criminals come there. No docks. No old warehouses. No abandoned amusement parks. Just nice, wealthy, comfortable Middle Americans.

The chapter was so poor our HQ was in a storage unit. Our investigative hardware was a dial-up internet connection on a Windows ME computer. Our security was a B&W surveillance camera. We communicated with each other through our cell phones. The national organization gave us nothing in funding because - well - nothing happened in Bloomington, and it would be a total waste when creatures of blackest nightmare were crawling out of the sewers of New York on a weekly basis, or slinking though the canyons of LA. On the other hand, most of the members we well off - one being a billionaire - but we refused on principle to fund anything ourselves.

We ended up capturing an entire family of shapechangers who bilked humans out of money by walking up to them and talking them into giving money, or being in position to steal it.

IT WAS AWESOME! We had a BLAST! I laughed so hard my sides ached because of the silly things the characters ended up doing, because it was what their crazy-ass dysfunctional characters would do! As the leader said afterward: "One of us was competent, so competent he was always somewhere else doing important stuff. One of us was useful, but so frail she was always injured. The rest of us were screamingly incompetent."

Best supers game yet!


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