Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Campaigns

Two campaigns have ended this weekend! My face to face group finished Phase 2 of the Volant playtest on Saturday, with a climactic aerial battle against the deadly hummingbirds of the Elite Halomaran army, while below, the Knights' elite infantry stormed the keep of the Taomaran occupying army. With a miracle in the stormclouds, and heavier, more solid - though slower and less vicious - birds, victory was theirs. The hummingbird weakness was - well - weakness. A lack of strength and bulk, though they attacked like buzzsaws, and sounded much the same.  On the other hand, the Halomans were held to be honorable foes, not evil degenerates, and an acceptable arrangement was worked out after the victory. Next weekend, we go camping, but then, Phase 3 begins!

On Sunday, the final act of the capture of the island of Culebra, off Puerto Rico, by a flotilla of vessels from the British Navy under the PCs. With this, we are firmly in alt-history, no longer creeping around in the cracks of history. The leader was made Post, and a lieutenant made Commander. Amazing deeds were done - an ordinary seaman captured a battery of 24 pounders singlehandedly; a commander captured another with two seamen, a bunch of dead bodies, and a bunch of stripped saplings - and no casualties on either side; a princess pledged her heart; and a marine who thought he had been disgraced became the governor. Next year we continue, in Port Royal, Jamaica, but for now, we move to StarCluster 3 and a new continuance of a game that has been ongoing since 2003, and the first Edition of StarCluster.

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  1. Ohhh. Another step closer to me getting my hands on Volant then. :) Sounds like it was a wild ride.