Friday, October 26, 2012

Volant Surface Native Tribes

Inspired by  Geordie Racer!

You can create Native Tribes using the following table:

Distinctive Beliefs
An explanation of Distinctive Beliefs follows.
Ascension - One day we too will ascend to the skylands when the Stone gods/Bird people will it.
Punishment - The beasts are a punishment for the forbidden knowledge of our ancestors.
Birthright - The gods mock or test us, and our people must seize our birthright in the sky.
Return - One day, the mountains will return, and on them the bird people. They will be as babes in the wood.
Expiation - We suffer here on the surface to atone for the sins of our fathers.
Curse - We labor under a hideous curse for reasons which we know not. One day we shall find the key and break the curse.
Magic - The God’s have hidden powerful magics inside the monsters  of our world. By killing and eating the right combination, we may free ourselves.
Reincarnation - By a life of purity and nonviolence, when we die we shall be born again as bird people.
False Gods - Our fathers refused to climb on the mountains and ascended into the sky, because those that led the bird people were false prophets of false gods.
Our Land - We refused passage in the skylands because this, here, is our land, where the spirits of our ancestors live.
Subterranean - Heaven, or salvation, lies not in the sky, but deep in the earth. The bird people follow a delusion.

Cultural Oddities
An explanation of Cultural Oddities follows.
Rite of Passage - Only those who undergone a specific rite of passage peculiar to tribe are treated as fully human.
Orgies - All sexual contact is made in these nightly gatherings, both procreational and recreational.
Odd Gender Roles - Gender roles in this tribe are different senders usually found in a tribal society.
Amazonism - Women are the warriors and hunters in this tribe. Men fill other roles as nurturers and gatherers.
Sexual Barter - Paying for items or services with sexual favors is perfectly acceptable in this tribe.
Body Modification - This tribe practices piercing, scarring, tattooing, and/or other forms of body modification.
Odd Facial Hair - The men of this tribe modify their facial hair in a strange and peculiar way.
Nudity - Wearing clothing means you have something to hide in this tribe.
Polygamy - Men of this tribe may have more than one wife.
Polyandry - Women of this tribe may have more than one husband.
Veils - Men, women, or both from this tribe wear veils over their faces.

An explanation of Taboos follows.
Cull Orphans - Unsupported orphans are ruthlessly dispatched.
Left-Handers - Southpaws are counted cursed.
Cull Deformities - Those children born deformed are quickly killed.
Dancing - In this tribe, dancing is prohibited or rigidly controlled.
Bastardy - Bastards are exiled from this tribe upon reaching adulthood.
Eating Meat - Eating meat is forbidden.
Cull Elderly - The old and helpless are left behind.
Slavery - Slavery is practiced by this tribe.
Premarital Sex - Premarital sex is encouraged.
Eating Utensils - All meals are eaten with the fingers only.
Music - All music is forbidden or rigidly controlled.


  1. Nice one Clash, you've really ran with the idea! I like how it offers variety without over-complexity, also the use of 2d6 meaning they'll be enough similarity between many of the tribes so they're not all crazyrandom with nothing in common.

  2. Thanks, Geordie! It was a great idea! Thanks!