Friday, February 20, 2015

The 'Vanilla' Nation of Larain

A Nation generated for my vanilla fantasy game. A Nation is composed of one or more Regions. This example has two.

The Queendom of Larain

Form: Monarchy Function: Matriarchy

The FORM of the government is a monarchy, but FUNCTIONALLY, it's a matriarchy, thus the "Queendom" in the name. Only females inherit the throne.

Region: Quisal

Small, Mountainous

The region is Small and Mountainous.

Animals: Cattle Vegetables: Hardwood, Grain Minerals: Iron, Coal, Slate Poor: Cotton

These are the resources of Quisal. As a Mountainous region, Quisal is heavy on Minerals, and light on animals. These are resources Quisal can export. Poor means a major import, needed by the region.

Cities: (Medium) Quisal Swords, Spears - Iron, Hardwood

Quisal has one city, also called Quisal, and moderate in size. It is well known for manufacturing swords and spears, using its resources of iron and hardwood.

Conditions: Mountainous, Sculpted, Cool, Wooded

These are applicable descriptors for this region.

Cultural Traits Poker-faced 2, Laid-back 2, Roguish 3

The stereotypical Quisalian demonstrates these personality traits.

Cultural Oddities Economic: Contract Work Interpersonal: Polyandry Leisure: Climbing Fashion: Body modification Taboo: Hair

These are the things that stand out about Quisal. Jobs are let out by contract. The marriage norm is one woman to many men. Climbing - presumably mountain climbing, given the region - is a popular leisure activity. People from Quisal like piercing, tattooing, and otherwise modifying their own bodies.

Region: Shiman

Large, Mountainous

Like Quisal, this Region is mountainous, but it is also large.

Animals: Horses Vegetables: Bamboo, Flax Minerals: Serpentite, Quartz, Copper Poor: Poultry

These are Shiman's resources. Again, heavy on the minerals, light on the animals. the bamboo should prove extremely useful.

Cities: (large) Atai Telescopes - Quartz, Bamboo, Copper (large) Vimarai Horse barding - Copper, Flax, Bamboo

So, Shiman has 2 large cities. Atai is famous for building telescopes using polished quartz for lenses, bamboo for tubes, and copper for bindings. Vimarai is well known for its horse barding, using linen cloth, made from flax, and light bamboo 'plates', with copper banding.

Conditions: Mountainous, Sculpted, Cool, Well Watered

Shiman contains the headwaters of several important rivers. Otherwise it is much like Quisal.

Cultural Traits Arrogant 2, Honorable 2, Hot-Tempered 3

These are the personality traits of your stereotypical Shimaner.

Cultural Oddities Economic: Breeds Soldiers Interpersonal: Amazonism Leisure: Fencing Fashion: Courtesans (Male) Taboo: Cull Deformities

So, Shiman breeds soldiers - the youths are trained early on as warriors - and they are all female. Fencing is a popular activity and sport, and it is fashionable for women to hire male courtesans for company. The Shimaners, being a hard, warlike people, expose infants who are in any way deformed, keeping their genepool clean.

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