Monday, February 16, 2015

'Vanilla' religions

Two of the five religions for our Vanilla fantasy game based on Volant and Tolkien:

Religion #1 GAIANISM The standard Ogkyran religion Gaianism is based on cultural expectations and simple ritual. There is no hierarchy, no central belief structure, no orthodoxy, just shared common cultural ritual. Conception of Deity Ecumenical Polytheism Communications With Worshipers Prayer, Intercession, Ritual, Augury, Astrology Organizational Hierarchy Universal, Teacher Political Influence Inconsequential Taboos and Obligations Ritual, Sacrificial, Funereal, Matrimonial Places of Worship Open Altar, High Place, Nature Orthodoxy and Heresy Splintered Duties of the Faith Sacrifice, Sacraments Paraphenalia of Worship Music, Ritual Implements Themes Balance

Religion #2 Fieranism The standard Rabahallan religion Fieranism is a passionate, ecstatic religion based on ritual communal drug ingestion, levels of initiation, strict hierarchy, and obedience Conception of Deity Strict Monotheism Communications With Worshippers Placation, Prayer, Ritual, Superstition, Priests Organizational Hierarchy Democratic Political Influence Pervasive Taboos and Obligations Alchemical, Sacrifice, Ritual Places of Worship Temples, Open Altars Orthodoxy and Heresy Persecution, Paranoia Duties of the Faith Scarring and Mutilation, Sacrifice, Prosletization, Service Paraphenalia of Worship Dance, Special Clothing, Ritual Implements Themes Fear, Chosen, Renewal

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