Monday, February 16, 2015

"Vanilla" Backstory

So Klax and I have been talking about the back story for this campaign.

A long long time ago, thousands of years ago, Human wizards summoned demons - evil godlike spirits - to gain power over others. The Gods had to come to earth in person to destroy them. All humans were stripped of their magical abilities, and the people who worshiped the demons were punished with everlasting life - never to die except by wounds, and even then they would return to a new body eventually. These became the elves, who could never leave the circles of the earth. Most elves try to atone for their treachery by living good lives, hoping to be allowed to leave the world in their death.

Some humans were loyal to the gods, and the demons had punished them by stunting them. These the gods rewarded by giving them long life, followed by a release in death, when they would have grown tired of life.

Most neither worshiped the demons nor resisted them actively. These, the gods merely left without magic.

Recently, some 250 years ago, a series of deadly plagues swept the civilized lands. Some nine of ten died, destroying many cultures and shrinking others. The plagues stopped some hundred years ago, and civilizations are slowly starting to recover.

It it is suspected that the god worshiped by the Rabahalans is actually a demon who escaped the gods somehow.

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