Friday, February 6, 2015

Vanilla in my Future!

So, Thomas having dropped out of our OHMAS IRC group due to ill health, the whole premise of the adventure pretty much dissolved. It was all based around espionage, and Tom was playing the only spy. So Tyler - my nephew, who is also in the group - proposed we start up a new adventure , a standard low-magic Tolkien-esque fantasy game. I had major trepidations, as I burned out on this kind of fantasy long ago, but the group liked the idea, so we decided to go ahead with it.

We are using Volant - Kingdoms of Air and Stone for the game, with no floating skylands, no floating stone ships, but yes to the giant riding birds. Last night we did the group setting generation. We used the Skylands generation tool to create normal earthbound regions rather than floating lands. These would be civilized lands, surrounded by wilderness, in a Points of Light type setting. Each player made two Regions, all to be part of the same Kingdom. We had a complete blast making the setting!

This coming week, they will finish up their creations with Cultural Oddities, then create their Association, then their characters. We will be embracing Troupe play as recommended, with each player playing two characters. Chargen is fast in Volant, as it is done with overlaying templates.We should get done and start the actual play next session.

I am still very nervous about this. I haven't been able to run anything this vanilla in decades. Pray for my soul!

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