Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Battle of the Bands for High Strung - Oooops!

Went camping this weekend with El Zambo and Klaxon. Among other things, we decided to play the Battle of the Bands one shot adventure for High Strung and had an absolutely awesome time. They loved playing 16-17 year olds living at home and under the parental yoke. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish the Battle of the Bands! Not due to time, but because the pdf was screwed up! This is the pdf I had put up for download at RPGNow and etc. There were several problems with it, and it is because I was not careful.

First off, I had created it from an older, in process source document, so there weer some minor fixes that never got into the pdf, like TNs for the competing bands. Second, and most important, the pre-gen characters tacked on at the end had slipped position and were covering two pages of text! Apparently, I had not checked the pdf after generating it.

I fixed the pdf so it now is updated and the pregens are where I put them. I uploaded, then downloaded the new file to be sure, and it is fine. I beg anyone who has bought the adventure to redownload it! Please! it is unplayable at the end!

El Zambo and Klaxon had so much fun - we played the end after we got home from the camping trip - that they want to keep on with the band and see where it goes.

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