Saturday, October 3, 2015

Merchanters And Stationers Spyrates Game

Had a really good session of Merchanters and Stationers tonight! They were poking around on Rela Station - a Malamo Station being unofficially taken over by Trissein - getting information - doing well too, when one of the crew bought a dress for his girlfriend, Peony, the human. Peony was secret - both the Rassa and the Trissein were after her - so he told the tailor that she was a doll, implying she was a sex doll. The tailor made a virtual model of Peony's body - humans weren't in the database - and created a beautiful dress, using the dress and model in his holographic advertising.

By the time the crew knew of this, the Trissein and Rassa had both learned of her being on the Mad Prince, and some Rassa almost caught one of the crew trying yo get back. He was a geek, though, and hacked into the hull breach alarm, and the Rassa were swept up in the rush.

The Trissein Assistant Stationmaster tried to hold him, but the exec had caught a Rassa prisoner for the Captain to interrogate, and the Captain ordered the prisoner sealed in a cargo can and left on the dock. He told the Assistant Station Master that Peony was in the can, and traded the access code for permission to get away.

The Mad Prince made a strung jump out - a jump with no slowdown in the destination jump point, followed with a second jump. This plays hell with stress - the Exec was hallucinating the Captain giving her orders, some of them paranoid, and she was one of the four who had to be drugged out and locked into the autodocs. The session ended with the Mad Prince hiding amongst the moons of the Jump Point's rogue gas giant, trying to get the crew unstressed enough to continue.

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