Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Skill Presentation in StarCluster 4

Here's how I am thinking of presenting skills for StarCluster 4. There would be six of these, one for each Attribute. Theses are Strength Based Skills.

This is a huge departure for me, trying something radically different.


  1. While very attractive, for me this would be too minimalist. I miss the skill descriptions. Also it would not be clear to me that Strike is a skill, but Explosive Movement isn't.

  2. Hi Albert!

    I agree with the second point - it's too confusing. Several people in other places have brought up the same point. I have replaced the descriptive phrases with a short list of strength related Traits you can use, like "Brawny" and "Muscular". Also using different type faces for the Skills and the Traits, and labeling them as Traits.

    As far as the skill definitions go, they were mostly self evident anyway, and are easily understood in context with the suggested specialties, so I don't think they are at all necessary.